Tender Zen

Zen is a male doll from Dream of Doll. He is part of their Dream of Child line, which is mini sized. The tender version can be purchased on either a male or female body.

Age: 7
3rd class of the ninth grade, Fairy school.
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Birthday: 23rd of Nov.
Blood type: A
Favorite color: Green
A Romanticist reading comic books under the tree, loves to be in a daydreaming. He is such a soft and sweet boy who gives little suprise and lovable presents for his friends often.

Versions Edit

The regular version was released in 2004.
The tender version was released in 200?.

Measurements Edit

Old Body

  • Height : 45cm
  • circumference of neck;7.3cm
  • length of shoulder;10cm
  • length of arm;13.5cm
  • circumference of waist;4.8cm
  • length of waist(back lenght);7cm
  • circumference of hip;19.2cm
  • circumference of thigh;11cm
  • length of leg;26cm
  • circumference of ankle 6.5cm
  • length of foot;5.6cm

New Body

Sizes Edit

  • Wig - 7
  • Eye - 16 mm

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