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Wi is a male doll from Dream of Doll. He is part of their Dream of Child line, which is mini sized.

He is one of 4 guardian deities of Hwaryun country that have best warriors for generations. The third deity -Wi- (deity name: the Black Tortoise). He loves to develop new martial arts more than training it. Normally he is a very quite person but if he gets angry no one could make him calm down except his friend Yu.
Age- unknown (has teenager looking ordinarily)
Favorite- books
Dislike- forced to do something.
He wishes..Get a champion cup in Razira tournament with his new developed martial arts.

Versions Edit

The regular version was released in 2004.

Measurements Edit

Old Body

  • Height : 45cm
  • circumference of neck;7.3cm
  • length of shoulder;10cm
  • length of arm;13.5cm
  • circumference of waist;4.8cm
  • length of waist(back lenght);7cm
  • circumference of hip;19.2cm
  • circumference of thigh;11cm
  • length of leg;26cm
  • circumference of ankle6.5cm
  • length of foot;5.6cm

New Body

Sizes Edit

  • Wig - 7
  • Eye - 16 mm

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