LE Elf Kirill and Ivan


Homme Ivan and Kirill


LE Elf Kirill and Ivan

Kirill is a male doll from Dream of Doll. He is part of their Dream of Child line, which is mini sized.

One of the Lucifer's vassal. He manipulates and captures human souls and brings it to Lucifer. He is gifted not to be old and stay young forever. He is good at mathematics and alchemy.

Versions Edit

The limited elf version was released in 2006.
The homme version was released in 2006.
The limited elf (with teeth) version was released in 2007.

Measurements Edit

Old Body

  • Height : 45cm
  • circumference of neck;7.3cm
  • length of shoulder;10cm
  • length of arm;13.5cm
  • circumference of waist;4.8cm
  • length of waist(back lenght);7cm
  • circumference of hip;19.2cm
  • circumference of thigh;11cm
  • length of leg;26cm
  • circumference of ankle6.5cm
  • length of foot;5.6cm

New Body

Sizes Edit

  • Wig - 7
  • Eye - 16 mm

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