I-ra is a female elf doll from Dream of Doll. She is part of their Dream of Teen line, which is full-sized.

The only person who can handle the sword 'Odyssey' which captured the soul of the best swordsman ever since the Genesis, she is right arm of DUCAN, and highest class of dark elf swordswoman. Under the command of DUCAN, she has been in many battle with priests at the head of dark elves. She's teaching swordsmanship to Petsha to protect herself. She is attracted to DUCAn's charisma and leadership, so she betrayed her ' Moon Elf' and became a 'Dark Elf', but every time she hears moon shining songs from moon elves, she's deeply destressed by her true identity. When she started the lesson for Petsha, she saw the mysterious silver-blond hair young man, who is being helped by Petsha. She cured him with a prescription of the Moon Elf's handed down for generations. When young man opened his eyes.. from his eyes.. she has the delicate feeling towards him....

Versions Edit

The limited fullset was released in 2006

Measurements Edit

- Old Body -

  • Height : 60cm
  • Girth of Head : 21 cm (with 8 inch wig)
  • Width of Shoulder (Ba :9 cm
  • Girth of Chest : thinest part 24cm
  • The length from back-neck point to waist (back length): 11cm
  • The length from the bust point to waist line (front length) : 12.7cm
  • The length from the neck point to bust point : 7cm
  • Girth of Heap : 25.8cm
  • The length of sleeves (to the wrist) : 19cm
  • Girth of Upper arm : thickest part 8cm
  • The length from the bottom to waist : 9cm
  • the Length of pants (from the waist line to the knee) : 37cm
  • The length of leg : 29.5cm
  • The length of skirt (from the waist line to the knee) : 22.5cm
  • Toltal length (from the neck point to the tip of toe) : 49cm
  • The length of foot : 6.8cm
  • Width of Foot : 2.8cm

- New Body -

Sizes Edit

  • Wig - 8
  • Eye - 16 mm

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