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Hoo is a male doll from Dream of Doll. He is part of their Dream of Child (D.O.C) line, which is mini sized.

Hoo is one of 4 guardian deities of Hwaryun country that have best warriors for generations. The first deity -Hu- (Deity name: Blue Dragon). He is a leader of the team and has an upright personality and is a steadfast person. He taught Si martial arts, and is leading their team to take part in the 'Razira tournament' that all warriors wish to be in and wait for.
Age - Unknown (appears to be a teenager)
Favorites - Fruits
Dislikes - Acting cowardly
Wishes - To meet stronger warriors and have matches.

Versions Edit

The regular version was released in 2004.

Measurements Edit

Old Body

  • Height: 45cm
  • Circumference of Neck: 7.3cm
  • Length of Shoulder: 10cm
  • Length of Arm: 13.5cm
  • Circumference of Waist: 4.8cm
  • Length of Waist (Back Length): 7cm
  • Circumference of Hips: 19.2cm
  • Circumference of Thigh: 11cm
  • Length of Leg: 26cm
  • Circumference of Ankle: 6.5cm
  • Length of Foot: 5.6cm

Sizes Edit

  • Wig - 7
  • Eye - 16 mm

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