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Calla is a female doll from Dream of Doll. She is part of the Dream of Teen line, which is full-sized. The male-version of Calla are M.Kaillar and T.Kaillar.

"The cries of a baby in the back alley

slums of darkness were crushed.

Someone dumped the baby.

And a stranger had disappeared with the baby.

She had an unhappy childhood.

She grew up in the slum.

She spent time in training to practice martial arts in the alley

And she became a world street fighter.

She started to doubt her own identity, she entered the HM police

to dispell her doubt.

A dark team of the police in H.M..

She, who has a reputation for being cool-headed with acute judgements

becomes object of fear and wonder to co-workers.

But she is cofused by questions

about why and how she was abandoned.

Then, one day..."